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Take Control of Your Health
Questions & Answers
Q. Does The OSU Lab Test replace going to the doctor?

A. The OSU Lab Test cannot substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Diagnosis and treatment of human illness should be based on your medical history, including your family’s medical history, and a physical examination along with your doctor’s professional judgment and review of test results. It is therefore important for you to discuss your test results with your personal physician. Physician judgment must remain central to the selection of diagnostic tests and therapy options of a  specific patient's medical condition.

Q. Who is The OSU Lab Test for?

A. Many people want to take control of their own health. For this reason, they want to know “where they stand” in relation to risk factors for diseases such as heart conditions, diabetes, and thyroid function. Once they find out if they are at risk after taking the test and receiving the results, they follow up with their doctor for a treatment plan.

Other times, people do not want to have anyone know what tests they are having conducted for confidentiality reasons. In this case, they opt for direct access laboratory testing as a reliable and completely confidential alternative. It is always important to remember that you need to discuss the results of your tests with your physician for the purpose of medical advice, diagnosis and treatment.

Q. I buy the test card. Where do I actually go to take the test?

A. Once you purchase the test card, you call the phone number on the back of the card to register. You will then be scheduled to take the test at a convenient testing center near your work or home. Currently, testing centers are located throughout Columbus, Ohio.

Q. How long does it take to get the results?

A. Your laboratory results will be available within 24-48 hours after specimen collection for you to view online at by using your secure password that will be assigned to you when you register your test card. A hard copy of your results will also be mailed to the address you provide at the time of registration.

Q. How reliable are my results?

A. All testing is completed by The Ohio State University Medical Center Clinical Laboratory. The OSU Medical Center Clinical Laboratory is fully accredited by the College of American Pathologists (CAP), American Association of Blood Banks (AABB), Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Health Care Organizations (JCAHO), Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendment (CLIA) and the Food and Drug  Administration (FDA).

Q. Are my results confidential?

A. The Ohio State University Medical Center Clinical Laboratory respects your privacy. Personal information collected from customers will not, unless required by law, be shared with any third party. The primary reason we collect your personal information is for identification purposes and to enable you to obtain your test results. We do not distribute unsolicited e-mails, nor, unless required by law, do we share the names of our customers with any third party.

Q. Will Medicare or other health insurance reimburse for direct access laboratory testing?

A. To the best of our knowledge and belief, direct access laboratory testing is not reimbursed by any health insurance company or by Medicare, Medicaid or any other city, state or federal program.

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