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Legal Notice

The informational nature of the tests: The Ohio State University Reference Laboratories provides Direct Access Laboratory Testing, including the accompanying interpretive guidelines, for informational purposes only. Direct Access Laboratory Testing cannot substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Diagnosis and treatment of human illness should be based on your medical history, including your family's medical history, and a physical examination along with your doctor's professional judgment and review of test results. It is therefore important for you to discuss your test results with your personal physician. Physician judgment must remain central to the selection of diagnostic tests and therapy options of a specific patient's medical condition. Always seek the advice of your doctor if you have any questions and before you stop, start or change any treatment plan, including the use of medication. If you do not have a personal physician our staff at the OSU Care Connection will provide you with the names and numbers of physicians you can contact for medical advice, diagnosis and treatment. No guarantees are made with respect to accuracy, completeness, errors, or omissions of content. In no event will The Ohio State University Reference Laboratories be liable for any decision made or action taken in reliance upon the information provided through this program.

Privacy: The Ohio State University Reference Laboratories respects your privacy. Personal information collected from customers will not, unless required by law, be shared with any third party. The primary reason we collect your personal information is for identification purposes and to enable you to obtain your test results. We do not distribute unsolicited e-mails, nor, unless required by law, do we share the names of our customers with any third party.

Third Party Payment or Reimbursement: To the best of our knowledge and belief, Direct Access Laboratory Testing is not reimbursed by any health insurance company or by Medicare, Medicaid or any other city, state or federal program. You may not submit a request for payment or reimbursement of the charges from Direct Access Laboratory Testing to any health insurance company or to Medicare, Medicaid or any other city, state or federal program.

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